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 “I am thoroughly enjoying your book so far! I have caught myself laughing out loud a bunch of times! You’re an amazing writer”.  


 "I just finished reading your book! I really really enjoyed it. Happy tears at the end , you are very talented."


"Michele, I started reading your book and it is so great!  Love relating to that time era, the trials of raising kids in a familiar country setting & your passion for ball along with the crazy team  shenanigans. I'm really feeling I need to know who's who in the Rainbow zoo? What a great book!"


"I really enjoyed your book Michele-you did a brilliant job of telling your story!! Loved so many of your insights and all the personal touches."


"Bravo! Bravo! Bravo....I LOVED, LOVED! LOVED IT!!! I can't wait to tell my friends about it!"


"Loved getting to know you through your book Michele! It's such an honest and humble account....."

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Great read.

I’m not an athlete but I am a mom and I can relate to so much in this book. Taking care of your family gets hectic and it’s easy to get lost during those years your kids are in school. This book is a great reminder to take time for yourself and to not forget about yourself. The author raised her kids in the 80’s and I’m raising mine now, but the motherhood struggles are the same. This book is also a reminder that we’re not alone :) 


 I have started & am truly enjoying your book, Michele. It is the first book I have read in which I can hear the original voices.  


I wanted to let you know I am thoroughly enjoying your book right now, a great summer read!


Read your book in one sitting and you should be very proud. The voice so utterly you, and the story of how you stuck with writing through everything is truly inspiring. 


I had started your book before I left for my vacation.  I knew I would thoroughly enjoy finishing it

I had started your book before I left for my vacation. I knew I would thoroughly enjoy finishing it while here and wow, did I ever. There would be many comments I could make as to how wonderfully it was written and how I so enjoyed how you used conversation in it.  You truly have a wonderful writing ability.....


Although not a huge softball (or slow pitch) participant, I loved reading the author’s recounting of life in the 80’s as a young mother, the struggle to find balance between family and self, and the coming of age where perspective shifts to enjoying the contentment of living in the now (and still respecting the fond memories of the past that help define who we are today).


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